“Advanced Edge AI algorithm for ambient sound recognition” – ZiFiSense wins AngelHack Hackathon 2018

2018/12/04 13:42:14

ZiFiSense team wins the Proptech Challenge at the AngelHack Shanghai HACKATHON 2018 which is a two-day software development competition organised by AngelHack and top real-estate management company - Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). The PropTech challenge set up by JLL aims to seek new ideas and concepts in using technology and innovation to transform real-estate industry. Teams are asked to develop algorithms and write software codes within limited time to address a particular challenge raised by judges.

Cambridge startup sparks Japan IoT industry alliance

During the competition, ZiFiSense team demonstrated a novel edge artificial intelligence (AI) solution for precise environmental sound event detection and acoustic analytics. Through a combination of Deep Transfer Learning and Machine Learning, the sound classification model presented by the ZiFiSense team is capable of detecting a wide range of sounds, e.g. failing water pump, glass breaking and fire alarms. The solution has shown to achieve 88% detection accuracy - about 2% higher than the current best-performed algorithm in this domain. In addition, the algorithm is so light-weight that it can be embedded on battery powered sensors connected through narrowband IoT protocols. From the business perspective, this solution has the potential to significantly reduce expenditures in labour, energy consumption and insurance premium for property/real-estate owners and facility managers. The technology and business approach impressed a panel of judges comprised of academics, venture capitalists, business executives, journalists and senior programmers.

Cambridge startup sparks Japan IoT industry alliance

Following a rigorous competition, JLL awarded the PropTech prize to the ZiFiSense Team in recognition of the innovative solution which can tackle some the biggest property management challenges.

Cambridge startup sparks Japan IoT industry alliance

Hackathon is an acronym of Hack Marathon. It is an intensive software development competition in which programmers, graphic designers and project managers teamed up to work on software projects collaboratively during a specific period of time. The AngelHack is world’s largest Hackathon community with over 150,000 developers, designer and entrepreneurs.